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Chloe (abans Niobe)-juliol 2020


Hola, us envio unes fotos de la gateta per a qué les penjeu, si voleu.  

Fins aviat! 


Família Pozo Gual






Rapunzel - juny 2020

Bona tarda,
Al maig vam adoptar una gata, la Rapunzel. Comentar-vos que la Rapunzel està molt bé, s'ha adaptat sense cap problema i nosaltres a ella. Menja, dorm i està tranquil·la, s'acosta a nosaltres i es deixa acariciar, tot i que quan ella no vol t'ho deixa ben clar jajajaja. Us passo unes fotos.





Rosset - juny 2020

Nos llegan noticias de Rosset desde Alemania;


Dear shelter team,
We adopted your cat Rosset in 2012. He now lives in Germany for 8 years. :-)
We would like to show you some new photos.
Rosset is now living alone with us because his cat friends have died. They grew very old (17, 18 and 19 years)
He is very sick. He has pancreatitis. But he is doing very well, he eats well and likes to cuddle.
We show you old photos, which we have seen in his mediation text. We immediately fell in love with him :-)
He has become very thin, but he knows exactly what he wants ... and what he doesn ´t want ;-) He is a really cute old cat.
Thank you for taking care of all the animals and helping them find a new home.
Greetings from Germany from
Claudia Freyer an Rosset





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